Best Sound Engineering Institute in Pune

A course at SoundMagix Studio of Pro-Expressionism gives you an advantage in experience that lessons and degree programs just cannot offer. While focusing on your music, collaborate with artists from within as well as beyond the school It’s possible to study. With us, you get exercise and theory along with sessions. Our faculty of sound really is actually a one-of-its-kind institution that meets and exceeds the requirements by having a for creating professionals of significant standards of the industry. Our group of faculty has the ability to design. But we don’t stop there, our specialization lies within our ability to give continuous and constant industry vulnerability to students through workshops held by the industry. We are living in the days of the explosion, an age. As technology is evolving, it’s crucial that people evolve with it. This really goes without mentioning even for the field of engineering that is . Technology is a path which can be applied to editing for music, films, or television and also to reside shows or performances at the exact same moment. The field’s applications are so diverse that it takes focus to master. The type of attention that comes from fire than the usual expressionist can own.

Engineering extends beyond learning a program. Also it goes beyond the theory of music. It’s a field that demands somebody to select the science, combine it.

  • cost effective programmes
  • The Intensive courses cover all aspects of Sound Engineering in detail.
  • Five state- of-the- art Studios for Editing Recording & Mixing.
  • Projects on platform that is working that is actual.
  • Fundamental and advanced level training in Recording Studio, Live Sound, Broadcasting, Films etc..
  • No prior knowledge required, but a understand on computers will be an extra advantage.
  • Powerful theoretical base with an emphasis on International industry norms and standards.