SoundMagix Studio is a platform which aims to bring Gift and Execute a lot of short films of different genres together with various directors to develop Training in an even keel. To put it differently, if you’ve the talent, we will ensure it gets training and the training it deserves — by putting you from different vocations. Simply put, fire will not suffer for either paucity of time and income.

Upcoming and popular livelihood option can be a part in the postproduction procedure. As a picture or video editor, then you’re going to be responsible for assembling raw material to a finished product that’s acceptable for broadcasting. The material might incorporate graphics, dialogue, sound effects, camera footage and special effects.

Students of SoundMagix Their skill and feeling of taste. Studio educated by the principles of Film and Video Editing they operate with existing play material and rushes from their individual endeavors to learn the creative and artistic Section of Editing


Create a world of happy individuals by providing learning opportunities of their passion..


Employ profit sharing firm design and a sustainable to Partner with professionals and other like-minded organizations.

To ease on training and skill enhancement Organize workshops of very large  basis by coordinating workshops in all areas of Creativity Media and Amusement.

 Create a frame for learners of all age groups to bring out their very best capacities.

Bring together passionate Educators and Learners


Integrity: We Illustrate honesty, trust, and openness in our Communicating with           Stakeholders        and    Students.
Respect: We promote an comprehensive environment that respects individuals and their          diversity.
Collaboration: We encourage cooperation, interdependence team development to leverage collective human strengths for a winning team..
Sharing: We believe that knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.