E-Learning course is a flexible, web-based learn-on-demand system . It provides anywhere, anytime easy access for upgradation of knowledge and skills. Interactive learning is the best option in today’s era. Many educational institutions are opting ‘E-learning’ as their way of teaching. We have specialization in ‘Sound Designing’ for E-learning.

Musical Album Recording

Musical recordings get a new dimension in Soundmagix Studio. A place with comfort and perfection enhances the quality of production and set it at a higher prospect.  Musical albums get beautified here with proper mixing and mastering with advance software and technology. Apart from Musical album, Music- production is also done for Solos, Corporate Audio-Visuals, Events, Live Shows, Promos, TV and Radio Commercials, Background and main stream music for various segments etc.

Classical music and vocal recording with classical instruments is also an important aspect of Soundmagix Studio. With great care and synchronization we help you produce a masterpiece. We are proud to be the witnesses of classical music recordings of eminent personalities.

Radio Spot

Radio advertising is a powerful way of reaching consumers in the local area or even on a national level. To drive leads and revenues, radio ads are still a powerful and effective tool for the business. It is a highly skilled job as the USP’s of the client should be highlighted without visuals within few seconds. Amazing sound effects, background music, dialogues, monologues and jingles are used in combination to create an effective Radio Spot.

Video Dubbing

In the video production world, the phrase “dubbing” is used when the original speaker’s audio track is replaced entirely by the voice actor’s. The dub must be carefully timed and synchronized to match the speaker’s lips, meaning, and even intonations.  To be more specific, this is often referred to as lip-sync dubbing. As imagined, this process is arduous and lengthy. We provide professional and appropriate voices for all types of films from the industry. We work on each segment like music, dialogues, sound effects and foley for the films. We give due identity to the films by creating a soundscape for the story. We play a significant role in Post Production.