Corporate Film Making

Corporate Video Location

We live in a visual world where people demand instant results. Visual medium is the most effective communication medium. A poorly delivered communication can spoil a vital first impression.  At Soundmagix studio we effectively promote your company and your products. Corporate films have extremely corporate, elegant and professional look to serve your purpose.

Apart from Corporate films, ‘Training Videos’ for the employees of the esteemed organisations are also produced here. Training Videos are self-explanatory which gives corporate training and guidance to newly joined employees or which gives specialised training to existing employees.

Educational Films

Films can have a leading role in education. Visual teaching aid has been an integral part of many educational organizations. We create innovative videos as per their requirements.


Video Editing

Along with audio services Soundmagix Studio also offers you a Video editing set up to fulfill your video editing needs under one roof. Our talent-pool of engineers gives you uncompromising quality output. We are confident that the uniqueness in editing will fulfill your demands.

video editing

Video Production


At our studio a team of experts help you create your own product as per your requirement, right from the script writing, shooting, audio recording, editing. Some of our offering products are Promotional films, ad films, corporate films, traditional event films, short films and documentaries

Ad Film Making


Making an Ad Film is just like giving a product its identity and connecting it with buyers, which looks simple but in reality the most challenging task. It requires skilled understanding of concepts and filming as they are the most effective tool in advertising field. Though Ad films have very less time span they have long lasting impact on the viewers. Our team is well acclimatized to accept such challenges and bring to you a complete solution for your product or business.