Sound Recording Studio In Pune 

The team at SoundMagix Studio Music is actually a set of individuals that are creative which makes music to its advertisements, film and television businesses. But when you ask real nice, we can create it for you personally too.SoundMagix Studio can be a condition of the sound recording enthusiast.

The belief that customer satisfaction is as essential as services and their products have helped this establishment garner a base of customers, which continues to grow each day. This business applies individuals who are devoted to their respective functions and put in a great deal of effort to achieve aims of the business and the vision. At the future, focus on a clientele and this business aims to expand its lineup of services and goods.

Our studio is large purpose built and enough to accommodate dubbing, string sessions, and music production endeavors. Our centers include the perfect mix of unrivalled technology and acoustics. We’ve got a sizable place for automobile parking, cafeteria to the refreshment, Great greenroom and restroom facilities, that make our studio the Ideal place for lengthy sessions.